Year 4 French – Bonjour!

Posted: 14th October 2021

This half term, Year 4 have been working really hard on their meet and greet conversations in French. They have been learning different ways in which they can greet each other, introduce themselves, ask others what they are called, say how they are feeling and ask others how they are. We have used a great variety of ways in which to practise, improve and hone these skills. Early on in the term we dressed up and used masks to facilitate conversations with our alter egos – some very funny pictures made it on to the newsletter a few weeks back!

This week, Year 4 have been radio reporters and have been working in pairs to create and adapt conversations with each other. They loved using the mini-mic machine!

Here are a couple of examples of the conversations they have been perfecting….perhaps Year 4 could interview their parents using their fabulous French phrases!


“Bonjour! Ça va?”

“Ça va très bien merci. Et toi?”

“Bof! Comme ci, comme ça!”

“Comment t’appelles-tu?”

“Je m’appelle Clément. Et toi? Comment tu t’appelles?”

“Je m’appelle Julie.”

“Au revoir”


“Salut! Ça va?”

“Ça va mal! Et toi?”

“Ça va bien merci.”

“Je m’appelle Victor.”

“Bonjour Victor! Je m’appelle Noémie.”

“Salut Noémie, ça va?”

“Oui merci, ça va bien”

“Au revoir”


Bravo Year 4!

Madame Mookherjee is very proud of you all.

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