Pastoral Care

At Holmwood House, we firmly believe that providing a happy learning environment is the key to each child’s progress and future success. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where every single pupil is seen, heard and supported on an individual level. Through our Tutor/Tutee Mentoring sessions, we aim to ensure the best possible learning experience for every pupil where they are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning. Through our buddy system, we provide our older pupils with mentoring and leadership opportunities. It also allows our younger pupils to have extra support and attention from their fellow pupils, in addition to our caring staff. Staff promote pupils’ self confidence through support, praise and encouragement. Every child’s achievements, academically and beyond the classroom, are celebrated and recognised.

Pastoral care is regarded as a major strength of our school community.

  • Care, Courtesy and Consideration are at the heart of our Code of Conduct for all pupils and staff; referred most frequently as the 3Cs
  • When a child enters the school, he/she is attached to one of three Elements or Houses; Air, Land or Water
  • Our robust and caring pastoral system supports each individual child to be motivated to reach their potential

For more detailed information, please click below to view our Parent Handbook.

Tutor/Tutee Mentoring Sessions

As part of our commitment to ensuring we provide the best possible learning experience for each child, we hold twice-yearly Tutor/Tutee Mentoring sessions for pupils in Years 4-8 which aim to ensure children have ownership of their learning and understand the steps required to reach their full potential.

In these one to one meetings we encourage pupils to reflect on their learning journey, looking at their strengths and weaknesses and identifying targets (based on our 5Rs) for the next term.

We also use these meetings to discuss the wider aspects of school life and look at the responses each child made on their PASS (Pupil Attitudes to Self and School) survey to help us identify whether they are in need of extra pastoral support; we recognise that social and emotional wellbeing is essential for effective learning and making progress at school.

This year, we have introduced a similar format for pupils in Years 1-3, providing them with an opportunity to have a one to one conversation with their class teacher.


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