The creative arts are a very important part of the curriculum throughout the school, and we provide an abundance of opportunities for our pupils to develop skills and confidence in expressing themselves creatively.



Our art facilities provide the perfect setting for our pupils to express themselves creatively through drawing, pottery making, painting and much more. We encourage children to develop and express their own ideas through a range of structured activities, teaching the children how to become independent artists.


Music and Drama

Music and Drama at Holmwood House is guided by the ethos of making participation, enjoyment and appreciation of the performing arts a universal experience leaving children with a rich seam of lifelong pleasure and cultural capital. 

Each year we put on a range of productions, allowing pupils to adopt characters and develop public speaking skills from an early age. We are incredibly proud of our pupils ‘ hard work and dedication in putting together high quality performances that bring the whole school community together.

Our music department provides the perfect environment for pupils to develop and explore their talents. They have access to a wide range of instruments, and have the opportunity to discuss music from around the world as well as make music themselves. The school’s Chamber Choir is a select group of singers from the older years which maintains joyful singing alongside more mature rehearsals and repertoire. The Chamber Choir has toured in France and Belgium, singing at the Menin Gate, Brussels Cathedral and in the Madeleine Church in Paris, amongst other venues. Other more elite ensembles are formed depending on personnel and currently include a string quartet, small vocal ensemble and several rock bands. Where children seek to establish their own bands and ensembles, this spark and independence is thoroughly encouraged as being fully in tune with the school’s learning philosophy. 

Informal lunchtime concerts provide an opportunity for soloists of all standards to perform to small audiences whilst larger scale concerts provide fitting occasions to showcase group music-making. At the very heart of all school concerts and productions is the nurturing of children’s confidence and self-expression. 

For those for whom more elite performance is possible, Music and Drama at Holmwood seeks to ignite inspiration and boost proficiency (ABRSM and LAMDA exams are taken termly).


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