Sport plays an enormously important part in the life of our school. We are immensely proud of our sporting tradition, not just for our success on the field but for our deeply held sense of sportsmanship.

In Years 1 and 2, children have two PE lessons per week, with one focusing on body control and muscle memory through gymnastics, dance, fitness and Pilates, while the other explores different ball skills such as throwing and catching and team work is introduced with interactive ball games. The children also have a swimming lesson each week in the school’s own indoor pool.

Year 3 have a double PE lesson each week covering gymnastics, fitness, Pilates, ball skills, athletics and cross country in blocks throughout the year. Weekly swimming lessons continue, with further development of stroke technique and stamina, as well as an aquathlon.

Games is also introduced in Year 3, with two afternoons a week in which the boys play football, rugby and cricket while the girls play netball, hockey and cricket. Competitive matches against other schools are introduced at this stage and we host a boys’ tag rugby and girls’ netball festival in the spring term.

The emphasis on personal best means that every child can experience the thrill of achievement and a wonderful start to their physical development and their life-long enjoyment of sport. Opportunities for individual sports, such as squash and tennis, are also available and encouraged.


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