Nursery Staff

Our inspiring team works tirelessly to provide children with an outstanding pre-school experience, covering every aspect of the Early Years Foundation Stage to prepare them for starting school. Generous staffing ensures that each child receives individual attention and praise, as well as observation that forms the basis for the selection of bespoke opportunities and activities.

Vicki Shreeve Nursery Manager
Charlotte Taylor Nursery Manager
Jo Brooks Snowdrops & Primroses Team Leader
Teresa Parry-Davies, Level 3 Practitioner Snowdrops & Primroses
Mindy Crane, Level 2 Practitioner Snowdrops & Primroses
Aimee Ford-Townly, Level 2 Practitioner Snowdrops & Primroses
Emma O’Donaghue, Nursery Assistant Snowdrops & Primroses
Karen Travers, Level 3 Practitioner Bluebells Team Leader
Jody Latter, Level 3 Practitioner Bluebells
Phoebe Jameson, Leve 2 Practioner Bluebells
Kate Williams, Level 3 Practitioner Bluebells
Gillian Manser, Level 3 Practitioner Bluebells
Elizabeth Duley, Nursery Assistant Bluebells
Michelle Evans Poppies Room Leader
Silvia Cadamuro, Level 3 Practitioner Poppies Room Leader
Shenise Elmes, Level 2 Practitioner Poppies
Anna Elgee, Level 3 Practitioner Poppies
SherryAnne Brookes, Nursery Assistant Poppies
Carol Polley Poppies Language & Literacy Coordinator
Emma Roberts Poppies Language & Literacy Coordinator
Wendy Seager Lunchtime Assistant



Holmwood House Nursery School

151 Coach Road, Great Horkesley,
Essex CO6 4DX
T: (01206) 273 827


Holmwood House Preparatory School

Chitts Hill, Lexden,
Essex CO3 9ST
T: (01206) 574305