Preschool and Nursery News – 22 March 2024

Posted: 22nd March 2024

Preschool 3
Preschool 3 have been very busy completing lots of activities based around St Patrick’s Day. We have decorated some Irish flags using various different textures. We all took part in a treasure hunt where we collected pots of gold, rainbows and some leprechauns! We also had a visit from Mr Connelly where he showed us some lovely photos of Ireland and told us how the Irish celebrate St Patrick’s day and then he read us a story. The children showed great concentration and listened beautifully. We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Connelly for taking the time to come and talk to us. This week we have been busy making lots of Easter crafts and practising our fine motor skills.

Preschool 2
Last week we were incredibly busy and the children particularly enjoyed all the activities for Red Nose Day. Thank you for your contributions and joining in with days like pyjama dress up, wearing red and odd sock day. Some of the children enjoyed baking, it was lovely how engaged they were doing this. St Patrick’s day was another celebration we looked at. This week has been the build up to Easter so we have done lots of Easter themed art and craft and the children themselves have wanted to get messy and have had a wonderful time experimenting with paint and colours. We have also focused a lot on counting and shapes throughout our play.

We have been so excited to see the first signs of spring, this has started many conversations about changes we can see in our surroundings and has set the theme for this week. The children have enjoyed many activities around spring including colour by number, this was a great way to develop colour and number recognition. We have also enjoyed cutting and sticking flowers, creating our very own flowers using paint and helping to create a beautiful spring display.

What an amazing two weeks we have all had! We’ve been so busy exploring, having adventures and being creative and we have all loved seeing all of Bluebells shine in their best way. We have enjoyed hearing how all you of you treated your Mummies for Mother’s Day. We hope you all liked what your little ones created for you for your special day. We loved seeing so many of you get involved for Comic Relief. You looked amazing! We all enjoyed getting involved with the activity of squirt the nose, using the paint, syringes and a chalked face. Everyone loved having a go at this, having some laughs and watching the paint make the face look funny.

Bluebells have been quite creative, making dens using materials around them and blankets. It’s been lots of fun making a library or a cave, where they think they can’t be seen, and have created little picnics. One of the dens was created outside and it was exciting to watch the cover blow upwards when the wind came. This extended into so much more where the children went searching for other items to build dens in different ways, for example, with sticks, bricks, pots and pans. It’s been amazing seeing everyone work together practising their skills and using their imaginations. We will be doing some activities around mini beasts still following the children’s interests as well as textures and sensory play over the next week or so. We will also be continuing the love of den making as well as doing some fun Easter activities. We hope you all have an amazing Easter break and we look forward to seeing you all when we’re back. From everyone in Bluebells.

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