Overnight Stays

Whilst we are not a full boarding school, Holmwood House provides opportunities to experience independence through our overnight stays.

We hope that all children in Years 4-9 will take advantage of this opportunity. For those children who plan to go on to a senior boarding school, then our weekly overnight stays is a great start where they can gain a boarding experience in familiar surroundings with their friends to develop the necessary confidence. For those who plan to go on to a day school, this is an opportunity to experience boarding school life. There is a wide range of opportunities and activities for pupils to explore.

Welfare, Fees and Facilities


The welfare of every child is paramount. The staff maintain close contact with parents and all pupils have access to telephones and email. There is a member of staff on duty at all times in the Surgery and parents are informed immediately if a child needs to stay in bed or visit a doctor.

Overnight staff can be contacted by: T: 01206 574305

E: boarding@holmwood.house

Boarding Fees

£37.50 per night.

Termly discounts may apply if booked in advance.


Bedrooms are arranged so that children of the same age share, and notice is taken of friendship groups wherever possible. Children are encouraged to take pride in their room, both with its decoration and tidiness. Girls’ rooms are on the top floor and boys’ rooms are on the first floor of the main building.


During evening activities, all of the school’s facilities are available (i.e. Library, Art Room, Computer Suite, Sports Hall, etc). The cookery room and swimming pool are also used as part of the activities, which are all supervised by the staff. Qualified staff are on hand whenever swimming is offered.


Holmwood House Nursery

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Holmwood House School

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