Character Education in the Early Years

Posted: 13th March 2024

The first few years of a child’s life are the most formative and crucially shape the adult they grow up to be. At Holmwood House we understand that early exposure to Character Education has long lasting effects and lays the foundation for pupils to succeed in school and become positive contributors to society

Why is Character Education in the Early Years Important?

The crucial brain connections that will last a child’s lifetime, are formed through the interactions and experiences they have during their first few years of life. Character Education in the Early Years sets the stage for a lifetime of positive habits and values, influencing a child’s behaviour well into adulthood and future academic success.

Preschool at Holmwood House

What are the benefits of Character Education in the Early Years?

By focusing on virtues and emotional literacy, Character Education contributes to the social and emotional wellbeing of young children, laying the groundwork for positive mental health in the present, and later in life. Early exposure to Character Education fosters positive relationships with peers, teachers, and family, creating a supportive social environment. Also, the virtues and values instilled during the early years provide a solid foundation for academic success and future learning endeavours.

Nursery at Holmwood House

Building Foundations in Early Years

In our Nursery, Preschool and Reception, we focus on laying the foundation for essential virtues such as kindness, respect, and responsibility. Young children are highly influenced by the adults and peers around them. Positive character traits, behaviours and values are modelled through stories, role-playing, and positive interactions with adults in the learning environment. Running throughout Holmwood House we also place great importance on the 5Rs (Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflection, Responsibility and Reasoning) and 3 Cs (Courtesy, Care, Consideration) and these are qualities are regularly celebrated and highlighted to the children.

Character Education focuses on building fundamental social skills such as sharing, listening, and cooperating and making friends. At Holmwood House Nursery, Preschool and Reception we have many opportunities to develop these important skills. In our Circle Time and Morning Welcome we encourage the children to share their family culture and interests, celebrating what is important to them. We also encourage them to listen to others and through our daily conversations and activities, we help children to learn and practise respect for others as individuals and as members of the many diverse communities that make up our society.

It is important for children at this stage to form an understanding of not only their own feelings, but the feelings of others. Children should be supported to navigate emotions and develop a positive sense of self. Early character education also instils the concept of personal responsibility – taking ownership of one’s actions and choices. Children develop independence, resilience and perseverance when faced with challenges.

At Holmwood House children in the Early Years receive teaching from specialist teachers in French, Swimming, Music and Movement, PE and Swimming, this gives children the opportunity to stretch themselves, become more confident and independent and develop resilience as they learn to persevere as they develop new skills from an early age.

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