Our Vision

At Holmwood House, we spark curiosity and ignite wonder in each child, through an inspiring learning environment and boundless opportunities for discovery and exploration that develop individuality, confidence and tenacity to reach their true potential, achieve personal success and be prepared for life.

Our Mission

We aim to instil a lifelong curiosity and quest for knowledge through a broad, rigorous and enriching curriculum that is anchored in our learning philosophy – the 5Rs. We encourage each child to: 

  • be resilient – with a sense of high self-esteem, self-worth and confidence in their abilities to achieve their full potential in all areas of a rich, diverse, broad and balanced curriculum
  • be resourceful and reflective – with inquisitive minds, capable of independent and reasoned thought, adapting to an ever-changing world
  • be responsible – for their own learning, respect others around them, adopt a proactive approach to care, courtesy and consideration and be aware of their own wellbeing and that of others

We aim to provide our pupils with the tools to develop an understanding of how to learn versus what to learn. Through encouraging ownership of their own learning, we believe our pupils are able to study independently; manage themselves; persist in face of difficulty; understand their responsibilities; and are as such able to reflect on their learning and personal development. We believe that these qualities are intrinsic to each child’s achievement and development.

Our Core Values

Laetatus Sum or ‘I am glad’ is our school motto and the guiding principle of everything we do at Holmwood House. We firmly believe that providing a happy learning environment is the key to each child’s progress and success. This underpinning core value is evident through our strong sense of community amongst parents, pupils and staff. We strive to partner with parents to ensure that each and every child feels happy and secure to discover their true potential; we support and empower our staff to help each child develop into confident and curious learners; and we provide many opportunities for all members of the school community to come together and celebrate our pupils’ successes.

Our Learning Philosophy: The 5Rs


Resilient learners will:

  • be able to recover quickly from a setback or difficulty; buoyancy
  • persist
  • have or will develop a positive attitude to learning
  • stay involved with their learning
  • show strength, toughness, adaptability, hardiness


Resourceful learners will:

  • draw upon both internal and external resources effectively
  • call upon different ways of learning as appropriate
  • show initiative, creativity and imagination
  • ask good questions
  • involve others in their learning


Responsible learners will:

  • be ready and be prepared to learn
  • know that learning is about them learning and not just about them being taught
  • set their own targets and think ahead
  • understand why they need to practise various tasks and then do it
  • work with others as part of a team


Reasoned learners will:

  • be able to explain their thinking
  • consider all the evidence or arguments to form conclusions or judgments
  • use logic, empathy and analytical thinking to inform what they believe
  • choose the best method or thinking tool
  • ‘unpack’ their learning to enable them to reflect upon it


Reflective learners will:

  • be able to describe their progress
  • learn from feedback, experiences, feelings and responses and be able to interpret or analyse them
  • think deeply, pausing to look, listen and consider
  • consciously look at and think about their learning
  • think about next steps and set targets

The 5Rs Skills Grid

“Holmwood for me is unique in recognising the individuality of every child and working to develop each individual’s strengths.”



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