Year 2 Big Money Purchases

Posted: 12th October 2021

Standing at the edge of the classroom at the beginning of the maths lesson was a rather oversized box. In fact, it was taking on the role of an oversized money box, overflowing with oversized coins, which were larger than life!

Excitement heightened in the Year Two classrooms as the children selected individual coins and then joined up in pairs or threes. How much money do you have? What is the total? Pupils worked out and then checked these amounts, building upon their developing skills in using addition.

Next up, was a round of shopping; pupils had to select coins for their purchases, such as games or a book, for example.  Where it was not possible to obtain all of the exact coins for a purchase, pupils chose one of a higher value; this happened in one case, which then prompted discussion about giving change.

Building upon this theme, the children can now look forward to designing their own shops, selecting items, finding totals and learning more about giving change.

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