Year 2 VE Day Tea Party

Posted: 24th June 2022

The children in Year 2 had a super day on Friday! For a fantastic finale to their Global Studies theme on Children in Wartime, they celebrated the end of World War 2 in true VE Day style. To really become immersed in the era, they came to school dressed as evacuees and had a day of themed activities. They learnt about the end of the war, made gas mask boxes and baked carrot biscuits from a wartime rationing recipe. Then they were delighted to welcome two important guests: Joe and Emily’s grandmothers, Mrs Porter and Mrs Shepherd who had actually lived through the Second World War. We were fascinated by their tales of wartime life and delighted to be able to find out the answers to all the questions we had been thinking about during lessons. The afternoon was finished off with a jolly ‘street party’ themed tea with mums and dads and grandparents joining us and getting into the spirit too. To finish off, complete with identity labels, gas mask boxes and their home made teddy bears, the children performed wartime songs, looking and sounding just like children from the era!


Mollie – I really enjoyed listening to our visitors talking about what WW2 was like. 

Rhaman – I liked it because we got to dress up as World War 2 children.

Josie – My favourite part of the day was eating the carrot biscuits because they were delicious!

Juliet – I liked it when all our families came into our tea party.

Joshua – I liked it when Joe’s Granny told us all about the doodlebugs.

Anna – I really liked asking the visitors our questions.

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