Year 8 Art

Posted: 10th June 2022

Once again, as it does every summer term, the Talbot Room is displaying some fabulous artwork from our Year 8s.  One of our Art Scholars tells us about her scholarship journey.

I have always really enjoyed art, but hadn’t had the opportunity to learn much about different techniques I could use. When I came to Holmwood in Year 7 I started to learn a huge amount and it opened up different opportunities for me to apply for scholarships at my next school, so I went for art and drama. 

I started preparing for art in September and the RHS scholarship application was due in November and the Framlingham was in January. I started so early because I did not want to have to cram it all in. This method really worked and I was able to focus on each piece of work and make it as good as possible. My main medium was watercolour, my favourite piece to work on was “Boats on the Water” and I really spent a lot of time working to improve my technique, this really helped me realise that I enjoyed art and that I was good at it. 

It was certainly a long process but it paid off as I got both scholarships!

By Bella, Year 8

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