Year 2 Magnificent Mandarin

Posted: 19th May 2022

Nĭ hăo!

Children in Pre-Prep have been learning Mandarin this term, as part of their Languages carousel. The children have been learning about China, its geographical location compared to where we live and how long it takes to travel there. We have talked about the great wall of China, giant pandas and traditions, customs and culture alongside the language that we have been learning. The children have been truly fascinated. 

This week we looked at the story of The Great Race and how the Jade Emperor chose the twelve animals for his zodiac. The children were able to recognise so many of our 5Rs embedded within this story. They loved the way that the goat, monkey and rooster innovated a solution to a problem (Resourcefulness 2d) by building a raft, how they collaborated as a team and remained committed throughout the race (Resilience 1b) and how the ox and dragon contributed effectively by helping others (Responsibility 3g) to name but a few. 

As well as reflecting, reviewing, or even learning for the first time their greetings, how to introduce themselves and their numbers in Mandarin, the children were also given the opportunity to look at some traditional Chinese silk decorations, hand crafted garlands depicting the animals in the zodiac and Chinese new year gifts. The children were totally awed by the decoration that was made out of old Chinese money…they were amazed by the coins with square holes in them!

A magnificent start to their Mandarin lessons! We are all looking forward to the chopstick challenge at the end of term!

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