Year 2 visit Colchester Castle

Posted: 18th March 2022

It was with huge anticipation and excitement that Year 2 set off to Colchester Castle. When we arrived we walked around the outside and then were welcomed in by the Lady of the castle. We had a story tour, led by her ladyship, to find out about the different people who lived in the castle. First we gathered around the well to find out about all the work the servants would have to do. Next we marched outside like knights to look at the castle defences and learn why the castle was built in the way it is. We saw arrow slits and the portcullis groove and learnt how the knights kept lookout at the main entrance. Next we were led inside a side passage and we found out about the stairs up to the castle roof. One brave knight had to fight the enemy and we found out  how the stairs were built to help the defenders and make it hard for the attackers.

We then went up to the roof and imagined being knights firing arrows down on enemies. We returned down another steep spiral staircase and the children had to guess what the garderobe room was used for! After our story tour we had some time to explore the museum. There were lots of interactive activities including; building an arch trying on helmets, chariot racing and visiting the prison to name just a few. After a brief lunch stop we were able to take part in various activities to learn more about life in the castle including sniffing the herbs and spices they grew to use as medicines to colouring an illuminated letter. One exciting part of the trip was the visit to the gift shop. Each pupil had their own £3 to spend and there was huge deliberation as to which souvenirs they could afford! The real life maths that they were learning was invaluable. After a final chance to view the exhibits and handle artefacts we left the castle and were very relieved to see the bus pull up as the rain was falling. Back in school the pupils had a chance to look at their purchases and all agreed they had learnt lots as well as having great fun. 

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