Pupil Achievements

Posted: 17th January 2022

Pre-Prep Awards

Golden Awards

Reception Proud Clouds
Jake B and Bear S-C

Year 1 Golden Awards
Noah W and Clemmie C

Year 2 Golden Awards
Gabrielle J and Rhaman S

Year 3 Golden Awards
Eivissa M

5R Awards

Resilient Rhino
Oakley M, George S and Joseph R

Reflective Rabbit
Vincent K, Flora B, Isabella C and Stanley S

Reasoning Raven
Quinn C and Theseas T

Resourceful Racoon
Alexander F, Finn C and Timmy C

Responsible Reindeer
Giles M-C and Freddie T

Prep Awards

5R Awards

Resilient Rhino
James C
Edward K
Orla R
Ethan M

Responsible Reindeer
Shani L

Reflective Rabbit
Benjamin B
Leo P

Reasoning Raven
Sabih A

Academic Badges

(based on Spring Effort and Achievement Grades)

Elsie B, Donovan B, Hugh G, Ottilie W, Harry T, Cassie G, Alexander B, Benjamin B, Olivia B, Danielle B, Olive W, Saling B, William U, Thomas B, Darcy C, Benedict C, Jesse O. Stella C, Lucinda B, Huck R, Eleanor B, Hannah J, Oscar O, Stanley J, Jayden O, Isabelle S-C, Emily W, Beatrice W and Jessica B

Elsie B, Gavin H, Noah K, Ottilie W, Cassie G, Alexander B, Benjamin B, Olivia B, Danielle B, Charlie P, Darcy P, Benedict C, Jesse O, Oscar B, Huck R, Eleanor B, Hannah J, Lawrence S, Oscar A, Jessica B, George B, George D. Uriel J and Jayden O

Progress in Effort
Autumn K, Lucie B, Sadhika R, Benjamin B and Fabio C

Progress in Achievement
Olive W

Progress in Effort and Achievement
Anthony K and Marielle S

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