Pupil Achievements

Posted: 4th October 2021

Pre-Prep Awards

Golden Awards

Reception Proud Clouds
Alexander F, Elsie H, Hannah M and Marissa W-P

Year 1 Golden Awards
Cameron K, Clemmie C and Zachary C

Year 2 Golden Awards
Gabrielle J, Edward L, Rhaman S and Joshua C

Year 3 Golden Awards
Isabella C, Sebastian C, Sophia T and Marek F

5R Awards

Resilient Rhino
Timmy C, Bryce L, Oakley M, Christian J, George S,  Daisy L, Alex F, Sebastian W, Emily S and Stanley W

Responsible Reindeer
Ava P, Joe P, Anna K, Joshua M and Ralph R

Resourceful Raccoon
Mollie A and Josie L

Reflective Rabbit
Anna K, Mia C and Freya F

Reasoning Raven
Ethan E, Kenton L-B, Imogen B and Freddie T

Prep Awards

5R Awards

Resilient Rhino
Stanley J & Eleanor B

Responsible Reindeer
Jack R & Orla R

Reasoning Raven
Benjamin B

Resourceful Racoon
Beatrice W

Borders’ Forum Rep

Year 8
Ottilie W & Leo M

Year 7
Ruby P & Theo C

Year 6
Freddie M & Evie D

Year 5
Lucinda B & Henry H

Eco-Committee Members

Annabel B, Lucie B, Katie B, Ben B, Darcy C,
Charlie P, Sadhika R, Grace A, Lucinda B, Stella C,
Sam C, Emily W, Jayden O, Lucas B, Uriel J,
Hugo P, Mollie A, Edward L, Quinn C and Darcy B

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