Year 2 Languages – Spanish

Posted: 25th September 2021

All children in Pre-Prep follow a termly carousel of languages during the course of the school year. This term we are learning Spanish.

Land Ahoy!” is the Year 2 curriculum theme this term so we will be using the story of “La oruga muy hambrienta” in our lessons to link in to the theme. The children listened to the story in Spanish and had to come up with as many links to “Land Ahoy!” as they could. They had to think deeply, consider carefully and explain their findings in detail. Commendable collaborative and creative skills came to the fore and here are just some of their conclusions… 

  •  The caterpillar is born on land but why does it fly in the sky when it becomes a butterfly?
  • All the healthy food it eats grows naturally on land (manzana, peras, ciruelas, hoja)
  • All the food that gives it a tummy ache is man-made! (helado, salame, paleta, pastelito)
  •  Nature’s food comes in lots of different colours
  • Nature’s food comes in different sizes so we sometimes have to eat more of something (una manzana / cuatro fresas)

Year 2 decided that they would need to learn numbers and colours in Spanish so that they could count how many things the little “oruga” ate and what colours they were in order to predict those that would become “una bellísima mariposa”! Very well reasoned Year 2! So they had great fun singing and dancing along to a very catchy Spanish song to help them learn and remember colours and numbers! A super start to our Spanish studies Year 2! Estupendo!

Señora Mookherjee

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