Year 4 – Surrealism

Posted: 23rd September 2021

This term, Year 4 are studying Surrealism.  Looking at works by Renee Magritte and Salvador Dali, they discussed the dream-like quality of the story that the pictures portray. Using magazine cuttings to create an unreal and surreal picture, their story or dream has begun.

Chapter 1 has been pencil drawn using their collage from magazines and the children will use various media to convey further chapters.  Chapter 2, involved writing a little about Where is their ‘surreal’ story taking them?  The art medium this week truly utilised the advice seen and heard in Mr Bond’s assembly on Resilience.

The children used chalk pastels to create their Chapter 2 illustration. For those who have never experienced chalk pastels, they can be messy, one needs some planning in order for the picture not to become too confused, and they don’t rub out. So if something happens that one isn’t fond of, it takes time and patience to work out a strategy to improve the art piece and Year 4 have shown some great resilience!

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