Year 2 – Land Ahoy!

Posted: 16th September 2021

‘Land Ahoy!’ What does it mean? What does it make you think about? Who might say it? These were the questions presented to the children in the first week of term, as they were invited to consider the title of the Year Two Global Studies theme. In response, there was reference to pirates; other discussions focused upon the sea, with creatures such as sharks, dolphins, turtles and starfish, deserving a mention.

Next, Year Two used the ‘Land Ahoy’ theme to inspire some English work. Pupils listened with interest to the story of Master Salt the Sailors’ Son, from Ahlberg’s ‘Happy Families’ Series. An adventure story set on the sea, the children were keen to find out about what would happen to the characters, who had set off on a voyage aboard the Jolly Jack. However, all was not as it seemed. Who was hiding on the ship, taking food and playing tricks? Did the narrative match the children’s predictions?

Curiosity satisfied, the children engaged with their own imaginations, this time, through drama. Pupils were asked to think about what happened next, following the end of the story. Could they extend it further? After exploring some options through individual mime or group work, their ideas were later presented through illustrations and used to inspire some creative story writing.

At the planning stage, children identified characters that might join in, potential new settings, events and problems that might arise. Currently these stories are works in progress. New characters are being created, connections with the original story are being made, new dilemmas encountered and new resolutions developed. 

In short, Year Two has enjoyed a creative and exciting start, to echo the new school year. September: a new term, a new class, new friends, new imaginations, new challenges and new solutions. New stories.       

Land Ahoy! Year Two has enjoyed a creative and exciting start to English and Global Studies this term. Using this theme to spark their curiosity they have created some wonderful stories and really challenged themselves to produce some imaginative drama pieces, full of pirates, treasure, sharks and dolphins.

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