Year 7’s Enclosure Design STEM Challenge

Posted: 9th May 2024

During Holmwood’s STEM Fortnight, Year 7 students eagerly embraced the Colchester Zoo STEM Challenge: Designing an Enclosure. Their journey began with a captivating visit to Colchester Zoo, where they researched the innovations and fundamentals of enclosure design and learnt more about their “Zoo of the Future” vision.

The pupils returned to school brimming with ideas and newfound knowledge and set about creating designs for the mixed African species paddock, considering functionality, animal welfare, visitor engagement, education and conservation. Collaborating in teams, they transformed their concepts into tangible prototypes, utilising both traditional and innovative design methods. They then had a choice of bringing their vision to life through 3-D modelling, using the equipment in the DT Room, or as a virtual design using graphic design software. Through great collaboration, creativity and precision, they refined their prototypes and developed their final project.

The project culminated in a presentation to the whole Year, where they received invaluable feedback to enhance their designs. This immersive experience fostered a plethora of skills, from teamwork and oracy to research techniques and problem solving. It was also an opportunity for the pupils to showcase their creativity, resourcefulness and resilience.

The Year 7 pupils truly embraced the project and came up with some excellent ideas and designs. Their innovative ideas and designs not only showcased their talent but also deepened their understanding of the significance and intricacies of design work in a real-world context. This hands-on experience fostered an appreciation for the complexities of design and its impact on the world around us.

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