8 March 2024 – Preschool and Nursery News

Posted: 8th March 2024

Preschool 3
Preschool 3, have had lots of fun the last 2 weeks with our ‘Family’ topic. The children were
invited to bring in some photos of their families to show the rest of the class. The children took turns to present their photos, where they could talk about their family members and pets. This task enabled the children to develop their communication skills and
confidence. All the children excelled in this activity and spoke beautifully about their families.
The children have also loved the art and craft activities that we have done which included
colouring, painting and we developed the children’s mathematical skills by making shapes
using corn flour.

Preschool 2
The children have been so engaged with our themes for the last two weeks. Last week we asked for photos of your family pets. Thank you as we had so many and it meant the children could share them with their friends and discuss them as groups. This week has been all about World Book Day with lots of activities from pencil control, matching the pet to an item, a Where’s Wally search and of course dressing up which the children love to do. Some of the children enjoyed a tuff tray of porridge oats, bowls, spoons and bear faces. This was all about mixing and pouring skills and differentiating sizing.

We have been incredibly busy in Poppies this week learning about space. The children have been exploring the different planets, making Aliens using play dough and using the letters of their names to create their very own rockets. The children persevered really hard to find all the sounds in their name and put them in the correct order. They also developed their creative skills by using paint sticks to make our own planets. They really enjoyed participating in World Book Day dressing up in some fabulous outfits and enjoyed looking at different books, including the Gruffalo and using the peg dolls to retell the story.

It’s exciting to see signs of spring around us now. Bluebells have been learning about the weather over the last week and have been looking at how different weather conditions can affect things differently. They have been enjoying splashing in puddles in the rain and making a digger/ car wash. We have also created our own laundrette, washing spare clothes and hanging them on our washing line we made, to dry in the garden. Bluebells have been saying that it needs to be sunny to dry clothes and found that if it was windy, it would help to dry clothing too. We have seen other effects that the wind has as we have been looking at our flower windmills spinning around. Bluebells have been learning how rainbows occur and have loved making rainbow streamers. We created our very own rainbow dance too. Bluebells have been enjoying some outdoor learning, practising their fine motor skills, using scissors to make snips in paper. This has gone really well as the children have enjoyed learning new skills. They have loved seeing what patterns they can create too, by doing leaf and bark rubbings on paper. Bluebells have been discovering lots of ladybirds around us recently on our adventures in the garden and have even found some playing hide and seek with us in the room too! We will be following the children’s interests and linking this into some minibeast activities. Have a lovely couple of weeks everyone!

Babies got into the spirit of World Book Day. We had lots of different characters from Peter Rabbit, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland to Sky and the Grufello.

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