16 February – Preschool and Nursery News

Posted: 16th February 2024

Preschool News

The Children in Preschool 3 have been very busy over the last 2 weeks. We have celebrated Chinese New Year and done lots of lovely Valentine’s crafts that we will take home for our families. The children made some red and yellow lanterns that have been decorating our classroom and the children were invited in to wear red and yellow clothes which symbolises ‘Good luck’ and ‘New beginnings’

They also had lots of fun splating red, yellow and orange paint on paper to create fireworks. To start Valentine’s week we have been talking all about what we could do to show our friends and families how much we love and care about them. We have created some fantastic arts and crafts this week such as toilet roll heart stamps and tissue paper hearts. We have also had a group discussion of what actions are kind and the children were absolutely amazing at identifying these.

We have been busy in Preschool 2. Last week we enjoyed some activities based around our feelings using the colour monster book as a way of the children understanding what they mean. They loved the book and talking about it. This week the children have enjoyed a games week. We asked for games from home to be brought in so we could share them with the whole group. Thank you for providing these. It gave the children the opportunity to learn turn taking skills and the kindness of sharing whilst having lots of fun together. We had a blast! We also enjoyed some Valentine’s crafts which was fun and messy.

Nursery News

The Poppies children have enjoyed exploring lots of different sensory activities, including paint and shaving foam, this helps to develop the children’s language development as we encourage them to talk about how it felt and smelt and challenged them to create different marks in the materials. This week we have been celebrating pancake day by making our very own pancakes with play dough and showing off our amazing pancake flipping skills, we have also celebrated Valentine’s Day by creating some beautiful heart patterns and sharing why we love our families.

Bluebells have been super excited to explore the outdoors and have been finding lots of ladybirds! We have been discovering how to take care of living things and built little nests for the ladybirds we have found. There has been a lot of textures play and a favourite has been rainbow shaving foam. They have all used their imaginations to mix colours together and make ice creams. We have been discovering patterns and shapes and been exploring lots with colours. Over the last couple of weeks we have been loving stories and discovering more about people who help us. It’s been lots of fun.

Babies have had a busy week. They have been involved in lots of activities around the Chinese New Year, from making fans and lanterns and mixing rice to making pancakes for Pancake Day and red hearts for Valentine’s Day. Last week was Children’s Mental Health Week so we treated the babies to a ‘Spa’ treatment.

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