Year 7 Poetry Skills

Posted: 2nd February 2024

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In English Year 7 have been analysing how emotions can be expressed through metaphors in poetry. Sparked by the emotion of jealousy they were challenged to write a poem about this emotion, using a metaphor to represent it. Their poems showcased their ability to evoke emotions through vivid language and some impressive imaginative thinking. This is developing some important skills for GCSE poetry helping them to understand how to analyse and unpacking metaphorical language and symbolism.

The Envy Fire

More logs you attempt to lay,
More folks you get to betray.
Never stop, you’ll pile them high,
Not today, can’t stop the lie.

Their talent, pure, is now unfair,
They wake you up, they poke the bear.
It’ll grow and grow and never die,
Don’t wet it down, don’t even try.

You’ll push them down, they’ll never get up,
Ashes poured into a cup,
Sprinkle over dignity’s grave,
To satisfy your darkest crave.

Consume you? It’ll always do!
You’ll think it’s stopped, to good to be true,
Glowing green the envy fire,
To answer your heart’s desire.

By Eleanor


The fire inside is burning,
Eating the logs slowly churning,
The presence of fire,
Is like a deceiving liar.

Burning everything in his path,
Just so they can feel his wrath,
Him wanting more and more,
Slowly taking from the poor.

Starting off small,
Ending up tall,
The jealousy is overpowering,
The hate is quickly towering.

It is holding me tight,
But I have no more fight,
Now it is slowly dying,

By Noah

The fire crackled as more fuel was put in
For the fuel was not wood but it was the pain

The fire was angry it knew of it’s sin
The only thing that could stop it would be the rain

But the rain didn’t come the floor stayed dry
The flames wearing yellow, orange and now red
The fire kept standing high

The fuel was now burnt for the fire has been fed

But even more fuel was put in
Since the fire was jealous of everything

Everything around it felt like rage
They could fell the envy trying to come out of the cage

The fire never stopped it kept growing tall
The people were scared wondering if it would ever fall

By Stella

When Flames Burn

Inside kindled a fire
The feeling began to grow dire
If only I had expressed my quarry
He wouldn’t be under 6 foot of holly

It started with his theft
In my mind, grew a pest
He ran trying to avoid
As flames chased, becoming paranoid

He would quickly run behind his door
Unluckily the flames would breach its core
Carpentry went up in flame
Outstretched an image of pain

Jealousy had imbued the beast
But I had already made my peace
It carefully crafted a flaming mouse
Amidst the ashes my body hung loose

By William


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