Preschool and Nursery News – 2 February

Posted: 2nd February 2024

children exploring crafting and outside learning

Preschool 3
Our theme in Preschool 3 has been dinosaurs and animals. The children had so much fun participating in a range of activities that has developed their communication and language skills as well as their personal, social and emotional development. The children worked together as a team to find the hidden animals in the garden and matched them to the animal cards. The children also loved taking part in the dinosaur stomp where they jumped into various coloured paint with their wellies on and made prints on the paper. We have also been developing our physical skills by cutting paper to follow the dinosaur trail! All the children did extremely well with this exercise.

Preschool 2
In Preschool 2 we have been very busy with lots of different role play activities this week. We have been doctors bandaging up our poorly friends. We have been making porridge in the garden by mixing oats and water to become chefs. We have been parents and looked after our babies with great care and have been amazing hairdressers! It has been a fantastic week in Preschool 2 the children have really enjoyed initiating the role play set ups!

This week Poppies have enjoyed lots of bird inspired activities, including making their very own birds with junk modelling materials and practising their scissor control by making a robin life cycle, the children really thought about what comes next during the Robin’s life and made some excellent observations . This week they have also become mini meteorologists looking at the different types of weather we experience on a daily basis, they have created rainbows, raindrop paintings and pictures of four different types of weather. They have also conducted science experiments including creating rain from a rain cloud, All the children were so enthusiastic about carrying out the experiments and we are sure they will love telling you about it and showing you the pictures on Tapestry.

Bluebells have loved expanding their knowledge about different animals, they have been collecting natural items in the garden to create homes for some of the toy animals we have. They all showed fantastic imaginations and skills to use the twigs, sticks and leaves to create some very cosy homes for the animals and they have all impressed us with their knowledge of animals they chose. Bluebells have been taking a particular interest in the secret garden, running through the leaves and looking at vehicles passing by. This sparked another interest in transport with which the children have had a lot of fun. Bluebells have been making vehicles using cut out shapes and have been creating a bus using the cushions in the role play corner. We have loved hearing lots of songs about vehicles from the children. They have also enjoyed as always riding the bikes out in the garden wrapped up beautifully warm.

Babies have loved making their own soup this week and exploring the ingredients using their senses. They have practised their cutting skills using our safety knife. The children loved tasting it. This week is National Storytelling Week so they have sparked their curiosity of books and stories.

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