Moving Schools: Things to Consider for Parents

Posted: 4th January 2024

Every parent desires to see their child thrive and enjoy their school experience. Sometimes occasions arise when parents decide moving schools would be the better choice: this might be due to a family relocation or because their current school doesn’t meet their educational needs, whether private or state. Making the decision to change your child’s school can be difficult and daunting but potentially transformative choice.

Children are very adaptable but if you are considering moving your child to a new school part way through the school year, do your research carefully and here are some questions you might want to consider asking when visiting a potential school:

Moving Schools & Educational Philosophy:

  • What is the school’s educational philosophy?
  • How does the school approach teaching and learning?
  • What are the core values of the school?


  • Are there advanced or enrichment programs for students who excel academically?
  • How does the school support students with different learning styles or needs?
  • What is the average class size?
  • What is the teacher-student ratio?
  • How does the school ensure personalised attention for each student?

Moving Schools & Pastoral Care:

  • What experience does the school have of integrating new pupils mid year?
  • How will my child be encouraged to participate in school life and activities immediately?
  • How will my child know what to do, where to go etc in their first few weeks of school?
  • How will you get to know my child?
  • What will you do if my child struggles to settle?
  • How does the school address behavioural issues and promote a positive school culture?

Extracurricular Activities:

  • What range of extracurricular activities are available (sports, arts, music, drama clubs, etc.)?
  • How does the school encourage student involvement in extracurricular activities?
  • Are there opportunities for leadership development?

Communication with Parents:

  • How does the school communicate with parents about pupil progress?
  • Are there regular parent-teacher meetings or other communication channels?
  • How does the school involve parents in the educational process?
  • Are there community events or volunteer opportunities for parents?

Helping Your Child Settle in at a New School

Once you have made the decision to move schools there are a number of things you can do to help your child settle in quickly:

• Do a “dry run” of the journey to school, so your child knows how long it will take and for older children what the bus journey might be like.
• Find out the name of the Parent Reps before hand so you can ask them any questions you have about the school, the uniform and daily routines
• Book a Taster Day with your new school so your child can spend the day with their new year group and begin to make friends before they start properly
• Talking to them about their day and the work they are doing
• Talk to their teachers about their progress and how they are settling in
• Encourage your child to talk about any worries or concerns as they get used to their new school
• Encourage your child to join in with the extra-curricular activities on offer as a way to make new friends

At Holmwood House we have experience of transitioning new pupils seamlessly into the school, at every age. Mr Bond, Head says: “It is amazing how quickly children adapt and settle into a new school with the right support and warm welcome. We have found that by our teachers taking the time to get to know the new pupil immediately, assigning them a pupil “Shepherd”, encouraging them to get involved in school life and working in partnership with the family, new pupils at Holmwood quickly thrive.”

Here is some feedback from parents of pupils who have joined Holmwood House recently mid way through last term:

“In just half a term we have seen such a difference in our child. He is happy, confident and beginning to realise his potential at Holmwood. We are so grateful to his teachers.”

Parents of a child in Year 5 who joined just after Half Term

“Our son is happy and fulfilled at Holmwood because he has been stretched by his teachers, who seem to fully understand his needs. We have seen such a difference in him, in only six weeks.”

Parents of a child in Year 2 who joined just in the second half of term

“From being reluctant to go to school, to loving every single day, our son has been transformed in only half a term. Homework is a great example. We never need to intervene and sit him down to do it. He does it because he wants to and I never thought I would say that!”

Parents of a child in Year 7

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