Preschool and Nursery News

Posted: 8th December 2023

Preschool and Nursery News

Preschool 3
Preschool 3 has been incredibly busy the last 2 weeks. They loved dancing and singing at the Christmas Show with the Reception and Year 1 children, this was a wonderful opportunity to develop their personal, social and emotional skills and also built on their self confidence. Preschool 3 have also taken part in a range of Christmas activities where they have been very creative with lots of glitter and glue, it is great to see how their fine motor skills have really developed over the term. The children also enjoyed taking the lead decorating the Christmas tree and designing and making their own Christmas decorations to hang from it. One of the highlights has been a visit from Buddy the Elf who has been up to his naughty tricks again!

Preschool 2
We have loved the build up to Christmas in Preschool 2. We have made the room look very festive and the children enjoyed decorating the tree. We also had a very exciting visitor come on the 1 December. Our cheeky elf who the children named Marshmallow with some excellent democracy voting. He has been up to all sorts of mischief already and it’s been lovely hearing about some of the elves the children have at home as well, their descriptive skills have really developed over the term and it has been wonderful to see their excitement and curiosity about what Marshmallow will get up to next. Christmas craft has also been taking place and if you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look at the cute penguins the children have made on our winter wonderland display. Merry Christmas to you all. We hope you all have a wonderful time and we’ll look forward to seeing you all in the new year.


Poppies have really enjoyed getting involved with lots of Christmas themed activities, they have had lots of fun creating melted snowmen and showing off their baking skills by making gingerbread. They have also written their letters to Santa this week, which was a great opportunity to practise their motor skills and to think about what they have done to be kind and good this year, they also had to think about something they have loved learning. The children welcomed our Christmas Elf named Elfis, curious to see what he has been up to each night when they come in. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a happy new year

A big hello from us all in Bluebells! The children have all been getting very excited about the build up to Christmas and have been getting involved with putting their tree up and making their own decorations for the room too. They had great fun making paper chain snowmen and also learning how to link paper together to create loops! Bluebells just keep surprising us all with how much they have learnt and developed since being with us in September, showing us just how much confidence they have gained. Fantastic fine motor skills everyone! Bluebells have been loving making so many lovely Christmas crafts to show all their families. Over the next couple of weeks, they will be taking their Christmas folder home to show you their amazing work. They have done very well saying “sshh, surprises” excited to show you all. We have even been lucky enough to play in some snow! They have also got the added excitement of learning about some new friends, as we have visits from rooms happening currently. All children are doing amazingly well at getting to know their new key person and exploring their new room with a familiar adult at the moment. We’re excited to see where the new adventures take them all and are enjoying seeing Bluebells come back with some amazing stories of what they have been doing. Bluebells have been superb at welcoming new friends too who will be joining us in January.

The children have also loved continuing to learn about “what’s around us” and have enjoyed more pictures of the maps and animals. We decided to talk a bit about weather in different parts of the world this week, talking about sun, deserts, storms and snow. We created some messy play to use our imaginations of what these might be like. It was lots of fun! Water play and catching things has been a firm favourite in Bluebells currently and the children have loved going on little hunts around the room to find things with their fishing nets. This turned into a fantastic game of a pirate looking for his shoe! They had so much fun!
Outside Poppies main door, is a big Christmas tree, that as a special treat, we went to see in small groups. Bluebells loved seeing how big it was and watching the beautiful lights. We then each made a Christmas wish at the tree, which made it even more special.
It has flown by since September! We have loved every moment and can’t wait to see you all in the New Year. Keep well everyone, we hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year! Merry Christmas! From everyone in Bluebells.

Over the last few weeks Babies have enjoyed the experience of preparing a variety of vegetables to make homemade soup. We have tasted tomatoes, peppers, leeks, potatoes and pumpkins and enjoyed exploring the variety of flavours after chopping and peeling the vegetables. We have then cooked the fresh vegetables and blended them to make soup. The children have really enjoyed this and we have tried a different soup most weeks. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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