Year 7 SPARK Expedition

Posted: 29th September 2023

children cheering at the front door

Pupils in Year 7 set off from Holmwood House School in glorious weather on their SPARK Expedition last week. Armed with nothing but a map, essential supplies, and coordinates, they set out on a journey around Colchester that would test their mettle and push their boundaries.

Before venturing into the great outdoors, these intrepid explorers first honed their survival skills, ensuring they were well-prepared for whatever challenges lay ahead. To add a touch of real-world experience, they ventured into the realm of budgeting by shopping at Sainsbury’s for their expedition supplies, learning the value of resourcefulness.

With the sun smiling down on them, they began their trek, with teamwork, problem-solving, and resilience needed to make their team successful. These skills tested as they navigated an unfamiliar route and adapted to unforeseen circumstances, fostering independence and resourcefulness along the way.

This experience not only nurtured their individual growth, which will help them can fulfil their personal and academic potential  but also forged strong bonds among the Year 7 cohort, whilst hopefully having some fun along the way!

Expedition Photos

Click here to see more photos of the Expedition

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