7 Benefits of School Holiday Camps

Posted: 1st June 2023

Children doing various activities

As the school year draws to a close and the much-anticipated school holidays approach, parents and guardians are faced with the task of keeping their children engaged and occupied during this long summer break. 

School holiday camps have emerged as a popular choice, they offer safe, activity based childcare as well as providing an exciting and enriching experience. 

What are School Holiday Camps?

School holiday camps are programs organised during school breaks for children. They offer a range of supervised activities like sports, arts, drama, technology skills and outdoor adventures.

At Holmwood House, we partnered with a range of providers who fully utilise our extensive facilities and grounds including Ultimate Activity CampsNext Thing Education tech camps, BritishTheatre School as well as camps run by our own staff such as the Summer Art School, Cricket Courses and Les Ambassadeur French Language Course, all of which are fun and engaging holiday camps.

So what are the benefits of school holiday camps?

1. Improve Social Skills

One of the benefits of school holiday camps is that your child gets to develop key social skills. Meeting and interacting with a different set of people other than their usual school friends is a key life skill that is much easier to develop whilst your child is young. 

If your child is shy, then this would be the perfect opportunity to increase their confidence in socialising with new people.

Improving their social skills will allow your child to make new friends and learn to interact with adults without the parents speaking for them.

2. Growing Your Child’s Confidence and Resilience

Activity camps involve doing a lot of new activities and dealing with new situations that will help improve your child’s confidence and resilience.  Getting early exposure to adapting to new environments will help your child deal with the fear of change in the future.  They will also get to try activities that they may not be able to do at first, but with practice can master, which will deepen their resilience. 

3. Learning New Hobbies

School holiday camps offer a host of new activities that your children can enjoy, in a safe, fun and engaging environment.

The camps we run at Holmwood House include a wide range of different activities ranging from drama and art to tech skills, teambuilding and all types of different sport. This gives them access to new skills and experiences that might unlock more significant opportunities later in life.

4. Better Health & Fitness

Spending time being active is so important, especially for children. Activity camps ensure your child is always active, which is great for long-term mental and physical health. In addition, staying active throughout the day leads to a good night’s sleep!

5. Teamwork and Leadership Skills

Many activities that the children do will involve working in a team to get the desired result. This is a great opportunity for your child to take the lead in activities and be a positive example for other kids, as well as developing their teamwork skills.

The activity camps will help your child develop the leadership skills needed to succeed later in life.

6. Develop Independence

Being able to be independent is a crucial skill that your child will need as they get older. As parents, you know how important it is to have the ability to trust yourself and make your own decisions regardless of the outcomes. During activity camps, children learn to take care of themselves and make independent decisions with guidance from camp instructors. Holiday camps are a great way to encourage fun and self-development.

7. Occupies Your Child’s time

As much as you love your children, the school holidays can be quite a stressful time if you both work full-time. Children by nature are active and have a lot of energy, which needs to be directed in a healthy and fun way.

School holiday camps allow you that peace of mind knowing your child is having an incredible time. Whilst you are busy working, your children will be learning, engaging and having the time of their lives.

Where to find a School Holiday Camp?

If you want your child to experience the benefits of school holiday camps and achieve a better mindset to excel when the new term starts, contact us at Holmwood House School.

At Holmwood House, we host a wide range of Summer Camps including the Summer Art School, British Theatre School and Ultimate Activity Camps to provide activities for whatever your child is interested in.

To book a place for your child on the school holiday camps, then visit us here. 

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