Splendid Skies

Posted: 12th May 2023

Children doing various activities

“Splendid Skies” is the theme for Year 1 this term, the children are questioning “what is weather?” and learning about different weather types and the seasons.

To investigate the impact of the wind they carried out a parachute experiment. They had great fun making parachutes some children made large parachutes and some made smaller ones because we wanted to investigate if the size of the parachute affected the way it would fall to the ground. Before they tested their parachutes they predicted what would happen and used their reasoning skills to explain why. Some children thought that the large parachutes would fall faster than the smaller parachutes because they were heavier. Other children thought the large parachutes would fall more slowly because they would catch more air. After testing their parachutes in the classroom we found that the smaller parachutes fell slower and straighter than the large parachutes.They then tested their parachutes outside to see if the same thing happened. They found that the smaller parachutes still fell more slowly but they didn’t fall in a straight line. After observing closely and thinking about why this happened they decided that the wind outside was blowing the parachutes and affecting how they fell. 

Year 1 have also been learning about storms and were very excited to be given the chance to jump aboard a rescue boat (on dry land!) It was an amazing opportunity to see the equipment and learn about the brave people who help keep us safe during stormy weather. It was also great inspiration for the writing they have been doing in class about storms.

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