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Posted: 11th May 2023

The King’s Coronation has been a big focus in the Babies, Bluebells and Poppies rooms, with lots of crafts, role-playing and outdoor fun. The children have enjoyed making flags, crowns and even scones, while also learning new ways to greet people. Magnetic boards, dinosaurs and small world play have been popular activities. Finger painting and rice play have also been great for developing coordination. Overall, it has been a fun and busy time for everyone!

We have had so much fun focusing on the King’s Coronation for our activities. There has been colouring, waving flags, sticking red, white and blue pictures and making our own castles out of boxes. We’ve also been enjoying some sunny garden time where the children have loved bubbles, the balls and the sand pit. If you haven’t already please upload your family photos celebrating the King’s Coronation on tapestry so we can share them with your children. Thank You.

What an exciting week it has been for everyone with doing lots of crafts and activities in celebration for the crowning of King Charles III! We have loved role playing, being part of a royal family and being princes and princesses. We have all enjoyed learning different ways to say hello to people, which have included waving, using our words, having a hug and even giving a handshake! Bluebells have thoroughly enjoyed all of it and have loved telling us about the Coronation. We have been very busy with other activities in the room too, including making patterns, counting, dressing up, planting, mark making and lots more! There has been a particular interest in magnetic boards where we have all had fun creating different facial expressions, some of them have created a lot of laughter in the room. Bluebells have also enjoyed dinosaurs and a lot of small world play over the last two weeks, which we will be extending on following these interests with lots of roarsome activities! Have a lovely couple of weeks everyone! Enjoy the sunshine that is hopefully soon coming our way!

The children have been super busy participating in lots of coronation activities, we enjoyed making scones and eating them together as part of our afternoon tea. We have also loved getting creative by making crowns and flags, the children were challenged to copy the Union Jack, using finger painting, this also was a good chance to develop their hand to eye coordination. The children also loved exploring the tuff tray using Union Jack coloured rice to create their very tea party.

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