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Posted: 28th April 2023

School trip with students

Year 7 had an exciting art and design technology (DT) trip to the Henry Moore Foundation and Wenbar factory. The trip gave students an opportunity to explore the world of sculpture and retail design.

At the Henry Moore Foundation, Year 7 had the chance to examine various sculptures and learn about Henry Moore’s life and work. They explored the different materials he used, such as bronze, wood, stone, marble, clay, and plaster, and his sculpting techniques, including his use of small maquettes to develop larger pieces. They also learned about Moore’s inspirations, including Picasso, Miro, and the modern art movement.

They particularly enjoyed being able to touch and feel the sculptures and gain a better understanding of their shapes and textures. The students also got a glimpse into Moore’s personal life by visiting his house and studio, where he worked during World War II.

At the Wenbar factory, the students were introduced to the world of retail design. Wenbar is a company that designs, makes, and installs retail displays. Year 7 learned about the design process and the different tools and software used, including Photoshop, Adobe, and 3D printers. They also learned about the importance of sustainability in the design process and how Wenbar is working to use more sustainable plastics to protect the environment.

They pupils were then walked through the design studio to get an insight into how a design project is developed from the initial idea to the final product. They discover that it these are exactly the same stages that they work through on their DT projects at school

Overall, the trip was a great success, and the students were enthusiastic about what they had learned. They had a better understanding of the world of sculpture and retail design and left feeling inspired to create their own designs. The trip was an excellent opportunity for the students to explore different creative disciplines and broaden their knowledge and understanding of the art and design world.

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