Spectacular Science Week: Save the Planet!

Posted: 11th April 2023

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Spectacular Science Week

Science Week provided the perfect opportunity to create a science “buzz” around the school and ignite a passion for all things scientific. All year groups from Pre-Reception to Year 8 got involved in a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. The theme for this year was: Save the Planet!

Holmwood Murder Mystery

There was a dramatic launch to the Holmwood Science Week with murder mystery mayhem in Assembly, which saw the staff throw themselves wholeheartedly into their roles. Poor Soretta Siaz was found dead at the “Holmwood Film Studios” and the Year 6 SOCOs forensically investigated all the evidence and carried out tests to uncover the guilty party! 

Experiments and Investigations Galore

Each year group planned a week packed with experiments and investigations on this year’s theme: Save the Planet! Some of the highlights have included: Mission to Mars in maths, manufacturing bioplastics, endangered animal hunts and crazy chemistry and phenomenal physics experiments in Assembly

Virtual Reality Workshop

Our Science Week theme “Save the Planet” was brought to life when Years 3-8 were virtually transported around our amazing planet to help them understand some of the challenges it is facing. Complex ecological problems were brought to life, along with simple real-life solutions, which ignited the children’s wonder, as they viewed the planet from space and were transported through oceans and forest.

Trash Hack Competition and Ecobricks

There has also been a trash hack competition running and pupils have been asked to make an ecobrick that will all be used by the eco-committee to build something that we can use in school.

It was wonderful to see all the children get so involved in all the activities and know this is just the start, there are many more exciting STEM activities and investigations planned throughout the term.

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