Maths Week has a Domino Effect

Posted: 17th March 2023

students making pizzas

This week maths mania took over Holmwood, with everyone getting involved with fun and engaging real world maths. Pi Day was a highlight where the school was full of Times Table Rock Stars. The Years 4-8 Pizza Project saw pupils using an array of real world maths skills to make pizzas for their Buddies received and top marks from everyone!

The Pizza Project for Years 4-8 applied theoretical concepts they had learnt in the classroom to a real-life situation: starting a pizza business. For instance, they had to survey their buddies to find out what their favourite pizza toppings were, then they used concepts such as percentages, ratios, costings and learnt about profit and loss, so they could make decisions that impact businesses. Students who understand these concepts are better equipped to make informed decisions in their personal and professional lives.

Building Skills for Life

The pupils were all really engaged and could see that the maths they had been learning in class were important skills for them to master and when connected to a real-life situation, they could see the relevance of what they are learning and they all really enjoyed the challenge. They realised that these critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential skills in the workforce and later life and these numeracy skills are essential for making informed decisions in any field.

All year groups thoroughly enjoyed the week. Year 3 made some delicious looking chocolate muffins inspired by Bruce’s chocolate cake in Matilda (the book they are studying at the moment). They loved measuring out and weighing all the ingredients.

Year 2 had a challenge linked to their Towers, Tunnels and Turrets theme. They had to build the tallest tower possible that was strong enough to balance an apple on it for 1 minute. This brought together lots of measurement and time skills

Reception had a wonderful time with Year 8 and they all worked together brilliantly on their measuring skills!

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