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Posted: 3rd March 2023

rainbow paintings

The nursery has been very colourful this week. Poppies have been fascinated by rainbows and have been doing lots of rainbow related arts and crafts. They have also been rainbow hunting during their time in the garden. The Bluebells have been busy exploring colours and experimenting with mixing different colours together to find out what happens!

The children in Poppies have been really interested in rainbows this week, creating lots of rainbows using different materials including paint, coloured sand, glitter and tissue paper. We have been talking about how a rainbow is made and the different colours it creates. The children have enjoyed looking for rainbows during garden time. We have also been talking lots about our feelings this week, we enjoyed reading the colour monster. The children then enjoyed creating their very own feelings monster. We have a new football goal in our garden this week so the children have enjoyed showing off their amazing football skills.

Greetings from us all in Bluebells room! We hope this week’s newsletter finds you well. We have had a lovely couple of weeks. We have all been busy exploring colours and what happens when you mix certain colours together. It’s been lots of fun and Bluebells children have been keen to tell us their favourite colours. We have spoken about animals that live in the Arctic and other cold areas, and done activities around International Polar Bear day. We had conversations about the differences between hot and cold weather and what we all might need to wear. The children also thought about other animals that had big furry coats all year round. We have loved seeing Bluebells get involved with helping prepare our growing garden as the spring weather is approaching. They have been digging and weeding as well as starting to plant some seeds. We look forward to seeing what is growing over the coming months. There has been a range of activities that the children have all enjoyed, from fishing games, traffic lights and road awareness games, dolls and babies and doing lots of beautiful drawings. It has been lovely seeing so many Bluebells children communicating with each other and creating games. They have loved discussing their favourite books this week and it’s been lovely reading so many lovely books that have been brought in so far to celebrate world book week. Have a lovely couple of weeks everyone!

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