A Royal Tea Party

Posted: 10th February 2023

students dressed as members of royalty

Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed their theme Bright Lights, Big City. They have learnt about the differences between the countryside, towns and cities and about our capital city London. They loved learning about the Queen, particularly some fun facts. Our favourite one was that the Queen has nine thrones! To finish off our learning in an exciting way we enjoyed a ‘kings and queens’ day. On Friday the children all came to school dressed as a king or queen and enjoyed some imaginative role play activities and a tea party in the afternoon. Earlier in the week we decorated flags and bunting and made cakes and cucumber sandwiches which we ate at our party. The children all agreed they were delicious!

Year 1 Science Investigation
Year 1 have also had great fun carrying out a materials investigation as part of their science work. They were given the challenge of finding out which material would make the best umbrella. They were given 6 different materials to investigate; felt, paper towel, tin foil, plastic, tissue paper and tracing paper along with a pipet and some water. They were asked to investigate what happened when they dropped water onto each material. Before starting they were asked to predict what would happen with each material and to try to explain their thinking using their reasoning skills. They then carried out a test to see if their predictions were correct. They discovered that the paper towel, tissue paper and felt became very soggy and let the water through, so most children decided these would not be good materials to use for an umbrella. The tin foil and tracing paper didn’t let the water through but they tore easily and were not very strong, so they decided these would not be good materials to use either. Everyone decided that the plastic was the best material because it was both waterproof and strong. Super work Year One!

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