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Posted: 27th January 2023

Our Wonderful Skeletons

What a wonder – the children have been learning about how incredible our bodies are. We have been talking all about our skeleton and what each bone in our body is called. We put together our very own skeleton called Max and we labelled his bones. We then moved onto our organs where we had to stick the pictures in the correct spot such as the heart goes underneath the ribcage. We then spoke about the effect of exercise on our bodies and how the heart has to work extra hard to make sure that our organs are getting enough blood. We have also spoken about the health of our teeth and how we look after them and making sure that we brush them twice a day.

Chinese New Year has also really sparked the interest of our Pre-Reception children this week.  They have had a Mandarin lesson and have been learning how to write numbers in Mandarin. They have had lots of arts and crafts fun including making lanterns and they all really enthusiastically joined in with some traditional dances. 

We have also been learning about Burns Night and looking at the traditions surrounding the evening, as well as learning about Scotland including the highland games and dancing.

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