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Posted: 27th January 2023

Nursery News
The children have all enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year, the traditions surrounding it and they have loved getting creative – making lanterns, colouring pictures of dragons, making beautiful streamers and enjoying some energetic dancing to lots of festival music. We have also all been enjoying reading our favourite stories and then extending that interest into our play.

Last week in Babies we celebrated around the world by decorating some flags of the children’s heritage and celebrated Chinese New Year with some decorating of lanterns. Some of the children have been really enjoying stories independently, turning the pages, looking and pointing to pictures, lifting flaps with anticipation and pressing buttons for sounds so this week we focused on some of our favourite stories as a theme. We enjoyed a teddy bears picnic, decorating socks with different colours and textures and exploring some items inside socks to see what we could find. This was great fun. The children have also loved the role play area and play dough.

These last couple of weeks have been really good in Bluebells! Our new friends have settled in amazingly and Bluebells have loved making them feel so welcome. We have currently been enjoying stories quite a bit recently and extending that interest into our play. We have created a stickman tuff tray, using our stick man soft toy, natural objects and animals. Bluebells have really enjoyed this and creating their own stick man characters. We have enjoyed using our circle spots to create different patterns and games. They all loved lining them up and jumping from spot to spot. Bluebells all thought it was like puddle splashing! It was lots of fun and allowed the children to develop coordination and balancing. They all did amazingly! We have loved getting creative for Chinese New Year by making lanterns, colouring pictures of dragons, making beautiful streamers and dancing to lots of festival music. We have enjoyed seeing the effects of frozen objects that are starting to thaw out in the garden. We hope you’ve all had a good week too. From all of us in Bluebells room.

The Children in Poppies have enjoyed playing in the garden in all weathers, they have enjoyed finding ice all around the garden and using different tools to attempt to break the ice. We have talked about how ice is made and how it is thawed. We have also discussed suitable clothing to wear when outside in cold weather. The children have also shown a keen interest in mini beasts, we have been busy completing minibeast activities, including developing our scissor control and number recognition.


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