Great Egg-citement in Reception

Posted: 13th January 2023

children exploring the world of dinosaurs

This week the Reception children made a very curious discovery. Whilst out in their garden they stumbled across some eggs in a nest! The children shared their ideas about who the eggs might belong to, what might be inside the eggs and what they should do? They agreed they should leave the eggs, find out more about animals that lay eggs and come back the next day. We continued to observe the eggs throughout the week, using Mathematical language such as ‘more’ or ‘fewer’ to describe the amount and recorded our findings in an egg diary. The children often changed their mind about what was inside the eggs but knew it was probably an animal that has feathers, a shell or scales after learning this from a video. 

Later in the week the children arrived at school to discover footprints in their classrooms! They spoke about who the footprints might belong to and where they were leading. Mrs Upson shared some photographs and a video of what she had seen before leaving school the previous evening – dinosaurs in the classroom and playing in on the playground! The children used their new knowledge of animals that lay eggs to identify that they may have hatched from the eggs! We went to check the eggs to find that they had in fact all hatched. The children are looking forward to finding out more about dinosaurs, especially now they have visited our school. 

The children have used their maths skills to measure the size of the dinosaur eggs and in literacy after reading the book Dear Dinosaur, have written letters to a dinosaur asking them any questions they have about life as a dinosaur.

This week’s dinosaur hatching has been the “spark” to ignite lots more fun and engaging dinosaur themed learning this term.

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