A Visit to Ancient Egypt

Posted: 13th January 2023

Egyptian lesson

Year 4 participated in a fun, engaging and interactive workshop that introduced the children to the fascinating and enigmatic world of the ancient Egyptians. Throughout the day the children participated in activities as they learned about life and death in Ancient Egypt.

In the morning Mark the Archaeologists led a session on playing an Egyptian board game, life in Ancient Egypt and showed the children an amazing range of genuine and high quality reproduction artefacts.

In the afternoon Mark led a session on what happens following the death of a mighty Pharaoh, including tomb building, the mummification process, burial ceremonies and, finally, the crowning of the new Pharaoh.

Here is a report on the day from Sophia T, Theo B, Darcy T & Charlie S

At the start, Mark showed us a map and showed us that Egyptians were attacked a lot because of how rich they were. He explained that there were two different types of leader, one in the upper Egypt and one in lower Egypt. The two different leaders had two different crowns in upper Egypt the leader had a tall white crown and in lower Egypt it was a small red crown.

After that we tried Egyptian maths which was fun except I think we would all say measuring was hard to do. Then, we all held some artefacts including real pieces of mummy bandage. We also learnt how to play Egyptian board games and they were brilliant!

In the afternoon our class Pharaoh died so we mummified him by taking his brain, liver, intestines, lungs, stomach and kidney out. After that, we wrapped bandages around him, brought him to his coffin and helped him get the gods to allow him through their world. For the last activity, we used foam javelins and for every animal we hit we scored one point but if we hit the hippo we lost a point.

Thank you to Mark and our teachers for such a fun day!

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