Explorer Day

Posted: 9th December 2022

students and teachers dressed up

At the beginning of term and their “Land Ahoy! theme, Year 2 were challenged to carry out some research into an explorer of their choice and find out more about them. For “Explorer Day” they all came dressed up as their chosen explorer and had made a poster about who they were and what they did, which they presented to the class.

It was a fun filled day with lots of different activities. There was a team building problem solving activity called Lost At Sea, where the children were split into teams and had to rank a number of items in the order they felt would be most important if they were stranded at sea. This created some really valuable discussions and great team working.

They followed this with an expedition around the school, trying to find some undiscovered areas. In the afternoon they were treated to a fascinating zoom call with a female pilot who captivated the children with tales of her adventures. They finished off with an explorer activity, which included the children having to take an informed guess about what she took in her rucksack when she explored Iceland!

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