Nursery News 11 November 2022

Posted: 11th November 2022

Pumpkins and fireworks have been our inspiration for lots of exploring and creative activities this week. We have had great (but messy) fun carving pumpkins, the Babies added spaghetti hair to theirs! We have created firework pictures and looked at all the different colours fireworks make. We have also spent lots of time outside and have particularly enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles!

We hope you had a wonderful half term week. I’m sure lot’s of you enjoyed some Halloween festivities, perhaps pumpkin picking or simply some lovely days at home or out and about with family? We would love for you to upload these pictures to tapestry so we can share them and see what your children have been enjoying. Leading up to half term and this week as we returned, we have enjoyed many Halloween activities including making marks on pumpkins, using cooked spaghetti as hair to attach to the pumpkins and peppers which we disguised as mini pumpkins by carving faces. We used our hand prints to make ghost pictures and we have also been painting and talking about the different colours you can see when fireworks are let off. If you are attending any displays this weekend, have a wonderful time.

Welcome back everyone! We have loved hearing about all the fun days out Bluebells children have had! We’ve had so much fun this week so far exploring pumpkins and playdough, making space pictures, puddle splashing, making festive pictures and lots more. We look forward to lots more fun activities over the next week to share with you on tapestry. Have a lovely time celebrating bonfire night everyone! Keep safe.

This week in Poppies we had fun celebrating Halloween with lots of different messy activities. We carved pumpkins, explored gloop and painted pumpkins using an apple as a stamp.

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