Songfest Autumn 2022

Posted: 14th October 2022

It was standing room only as Songfest returned to its usual place in the Holmwood calendar. There was a buzz of excitement during the Element rehearsals, where each Element was given just an hour and a half to rehearse their previously unknown song.  The theme this year was the noughties and the songs chosen were:

Air –  Can’t Get You Out of my Head

Land  – You Raise me Up

Water – Viva La Vida

To perform the incredibly difficult job of judging the competition we were delighted to be able to welcome back Barbara Ryan, who was the Pre-Prep Head of Music from 1989-2008. To allow the judge a bit of extra time to deliberate, the staff took to the stage for a rousing (and unique) rendition of the S Club 7 classic “Reach For The Stars”.

As well as the Element side of the competition, each year group had been rehearsing a song in their music lessons and as the judge took to the stage the tension was palpable.  The Year Group competition was won by Year 8 and the winners of the Element competition were Air.

As you can see it is one of the highlights of the Holmwood year and enjoyed by everyone:

“I think it was excellent because the judge made it fair and everybody sang.” – Theo B

“It was amazing because everybody knew the words and did the right actions.” – Imogen B 

“For the staff, this is the best night of the year. We loved singing the staff item.” – Mrs Ellison-Oakes

“Very well done to everyone, especially Year 8 and Air. A great evening!” – Mrs Mitchell

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