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Posted: 14th October 2022

It’s been an adventurous week this week at Nursery: Bluebells and Poppies have been to the moon and back, making rockets, learning about the planets and meeting some aliens along the way!  Meanwhile the babies have been busy farmers, playing with the tractors and farm animals and making paintings with apples.  We have all had a lot of creative fun and enjoyed all the different activities.


We have been enjoying the garden in the Autumn sunshine and the rain. Autumn has been our theme where we have had tractors out to play, farm animals and some children enjoyed some apples and paint to make prints. We have explored coloured theme trays and have been practising our fine motor skills, peeling and placing down small stickers and handling the inset picture boards. 


Bluebells have had a fantastic couple of weeks! We’ve had space week where we made moon dough and created space mats, learning about the planets, stars and lots more. We were very lucky to watch a video of a space shuttle launching into space, which the children all loved and then extended their play into being astronauts! They loved decorating boxes with tinfoil to create rockets. We have been looking at shapes this week, creating patterns and have loved the secret garden creating music, using pots, pans and sticks. We hope you’ve all had a lovely week as well! 


The children have been really busy this week doing lots of different activities around space. Including making Rockets, creating glitter planets and making Aliens out of clay. The children have also been super builders in the garden, using different tools to fix and build our playhouse. Amazing work Poppies.


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