Year 7 SPARK Expedition

Posted: 30th September 2022

To kickstart Year 7 and ignite the development and opportunity to build leadership, collegiate and interpersonal skills all the pupils were invited and challenged to plan, budget, map read, build camp and complete an expedition within their Element (Air, Land and Water).  These opportunities allowed them to start building some essential skills and attributes for life such as resilience, problem-solving, team-working, communication and drive.

 The expedition consisted of a day learning expedition style skills such as map reading, budgeting and campfire lighting followed by a walk to a ‘secret’ campground.  The pupils were helped and guided on how to work as both a team but also develop individual resilience. (It was also a great way to start the year and go on an adventure with all their existing and new friends!) 


An outline of the timetable was as follows:

Thursday –  Skills Day

Arrive in Games kit for skill development during school time

Map Reading and Route Planning

Budgets and Meal Planning

Fire lighting

Camp Craft

Bivouac making

Overnight stay


Friday – Expedition Day

Pack up bags

Hike to camping destination

Make camp

Cook the food for supper

Sleep overnight in camp


Saturday – Expedition Day

Make breakfast

Break down and clear camp

Hike back to School

They all did extremely well and we were extremely impressed with the teamwork that took place.  From their point of view some of the highlights were: building a fire and cooking their own food (especially the smores); making their own shelters; and just spending time with their friends – well done Year 7!

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