Sparkling Start to Year 7

Posted: 16th September 2022

What a fantastic first two weeks at Holmwood. I have been blown away by the buzz, the hustle and bustle and the energy running through the year 7 year group currently. As is the way at Holmwood there is very quickly no difference between new and existing pupils. I am thoroughly excited for this to be cemented even further in the upcoming SPARK leadership expedition. This week in our Phase meeting and accompanying forums the year group has been looking at character traits. Pupils were asked what character traits they value, which ones they feel they would like to develop, and the important piece to the puzzle is how we can all (Pupils and Staff) help or give opportunities to develop these.

The pupils have been impressive in the way they have approached their academic studies, already displaying commitment and positive attitudes. What better way to spark our Key Stage 3 science journey then to get straight on with conducting food testing experiments in the lab. The pupils are studying nutrition and digestion and to ignite their curiosity the first experiment they conducted was to investigate the different nutrients found in food: glucose, starch and protein. They were replicating how food nutritionists work and had to discover which snack will give us the most energy? Popcorn, toast, crisps or banana chips? It was an opportunity to get straight on and use lots of different lab equipment, for some of our new pupils this was the first time they had ever used a Bunsen Burner, which they all navigated enthusiastically and sensibly.

In maths Year 7 have been investigated patterns in the real world and how sequences can be used to predict future outcomes. This links to their learning on sequences which moves on in a sequence to writing algebraic expressions. Through their curiosity and resilience, the students have moved their learning beyond the national curriculum to quadratic and Fibonacci sequences through investigating patterns that they created.

As ever, this is an immensely busy and exciting time at Holmwood, I look forward to the coming year with eagerness and anticipation.

Mr White
Senior Master

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