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Posted: 8th July 2022

Year 7 – “Au Café”

This term, Year 7’s French topic has been “Au Café – manger et boire” and the children have been putting together sophisticated dialogues in French that they would use in a café. To make the experience a little more authentic, the children had to cook their own pizzas, describe and order them in French and order their French drinks – l’Orangina was a big hit!

Year 6 Pop Group Project!

This term Year 6 have been studying the topic “Les sports et les jeux” in French, using the verbs “jouer” and “faire” to understand the difference between and talk about sports that you “play” and sports that you “do”  eg. “Je joue au tennis” and “Elle fait de la natation” They have really understood how to use both these verbs in the first and third person (and extra conjugations) and the grammatical structures needed to make successful sentences. They were then challenged to use the verb “jouer” in relation to music and musical instruments and challenged even further to create their own pop groups in French. They had to create a mood board, identify the instruments being played, who was in the band, the genre of music, merchandise, logos, costumes and most importantly their song – all in French. They were given the option of making a pop video for their song or a “live” performance when they presented their pop group projects to the class. There were some stellar performances and world tours in the making! I am so proud of their confidence and creativity! Bravo Year 6!

Year 5 “Au Snack Bar!”

In French, Year 5 have been learning about their house, home and town throughout the year. One of the places “en ville” that seemed to be very popular was Le Snack Bar so they have been learning useful phrases that they could use. They have used their polite phrases, connectives and extended “toppings” vocabulary to order their “tranche de pizza” and drinks. Miam, miam Year 5!

Year 4 “A la Disco!”

The last week of term has been fun for Year 4 in French. After their exciting trip to France last week, what better way of rounding off the year than by a visit to the disco…Holmwood style! The Library became a makeshift disco this week and the 4s had fun following French disco dance moves to a groovy beat. As you can see – there are some great shapes on the dance floor!

Madame Mookherjee

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