Year 4 in France!

Posted: 6th July 2022

It was a 4am start last Saturday morning at Holmwood, for the bright eyed, bushy tailed Year 4s, keen and eager to embark on their Day Trip to France. Everyone enjoyed their breakfast en route and despite the staff keeping their fingers crossed – the children appeared not to need forty winks during our drive to the Eurotunnel. Passport control and the Shuttle crossing were very smooth and only a few children thought they had spotted stingrays, lemon sharks and pink squid as we journeyed under the sea (a challenge set by Madame Mookherjee)!

Soon enough, we were in sunny France, heading to “Boulangerie Escoeuilles” to learn all about artisanal bread making and all the children had a go at shaping the dough into the traditional bread baskets. It certainly seems that we have some very competent bakers in Year 4. Monsieur Boulanger spoke to the children in French, told them the process, facts and ingredients required to make bread the traditional way. Madame Mookherjee was extremely proud of how well the children understood, Following the workshop, everyone got to enjoy a delicious pain au chocolat or croissant, freshly baked and still warm from the oven. The perfect pit stop. Madame Boulangère commented how beautifully behaved and well mannered all the children were. 

We then drove to Boulogne-sur-Mer to have a wander around the old town, see the ramparts, have lunch and most excitingly for the children…an opportunity to do some shopping! Again, some fantastic French being spoken and maths skills being used as they spent their Euros on some interesting souvenirs. 

Our last stop of the day was at the snail farm “Les Escargots du Bocage” where we had a very enlightening talk about how snails are bred and farmed. The children got to hold snails of all ages – from the tiniest newborns to mature snails, ready and ripe for eating.Then came the “Marmite moment” – trying the snails! Many of our Year4s tried them, they smelled divine, smothered in garlic sauce. Quelle surprise! They were actually very tasty and not at all how the children had imagined they might be. Even some of the staff were swayed.

Our day in France was done and just the return journey remained – as smooth as on the way out. The children showed exemplary manners to the French Border Police when they boarded the coach to check passports and after a quick Mc Meal at Maidstone services, we were back at Holmwood just after 10pm. This time, the coach journey was silent, except for the soft hum of sleeping, contented children. 

I would like to thank the staff on the trip, Mr White, Miss Toplis and Mrs Hayes for giving up their Saturday to join me and the children. Thanks also to our catering team for our packed breakfasts and lunches, to Fi in the Front Office for her hard work behind the scenes and finally to Year 4 – who were magnificent throughout the day. I couldn’t be more proud of you all! 

Madame Mookherjee

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