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Posted: 20th June 2022

Dear Parents
What a week! The sun shone, the ice cream van came, the prep pupils were amazing in their commitment to their sports day. Please can I apologise, again, to those of you who had hoped to enjoy seeing more than one of your children in action but couldn’t because of the pre-prep postponement. This was Mr Lesiak’s first sports day in sole charge and he coordinated it brilliantly – organising a superb team of supporters too. I’m glad so much fun was had.

What is the point of sports day?  In life we all have to perform in front of other people, to really push ourselves (running), to coordinate individual movements and timing (high jump), and invest all our energy into one particular moment (throwing). This is practice and training. Overcoming worry and achieving individual success is at the heart of the day – encouraging children to challenge themselves.

Children often compare themselves to other children – siblings or even peers – and sports day can bring that to a head. This means they think they aren’t any good at something – and it isn’t worth trying. This book by Matthew Syed is brilliant for you – and them: – Video explaining book –

“Children will enter a world where things are changing faster than ever before. This book is about helping them to find their inner passion, curiosity, and confidence to reach their potential – and to thrive. I have always believed that mindset matters more than anything else when it comes to happiness and success.” Matthew Syed

The Duggans founded Holmwood in 1922 with a clear aim: ‘to develop the individuality and abilities of each child, to make them self-reliant and adaptable’ – I am passionate about this. We have over 300 individuals at Holmwood (and even more next year). The co-curricular life of the school is just one area where we can develop the passions (sport, music, drama) that make our children individuals – we ignite their interests more often in the classroom by sparking their curiosity in science or helping them to love literature and writing. As a historian I love the unfolding mysteries of history. During last week Year 7 were considering what life in a mediaeval village was really like, and being challenged by how sources show us how different it was to what they thought.

I had the opportunity to hear some rehearsals for this week’s concert – it sounds amazing…. But my highlight this week could well be going to Frinton with Pre-Prep…

Hope you had a very good weekend!

Edward Bond
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