Reception – People who help us

Posted: 19th May 2022

 “People Who Help Us” is Reception’s theme for the summer term where they will be learning about who helps us within the school community, as well as the wider local community. To start to spark their learning they will be having some very exciting visits from parents and visitors from the local community to talk to the children about their role in helping others, this will include dentists, doctors, police.  

These visits will help the children work on some core skills including: 

  • Questioning- asking guests relevant questions about their jobs.
  • Listening- listening to the guests quietly and sensibly.
  • Writing- labelling, questions, sentences and captions related to People Who Help Us.
  • Understanding the world- people, culture and communities-Our local community
  • Expressive arts and designs- Painting, junk model making, role play experiences. 


The children have already had a visit from a dentist and extended their learning by carrying out a science experiment which will involve placing white eggs in different liquids to explore the effects, making links to the same effect on our teeth!

A radiographer came in to teach them all about how to take photographs inside our bodies.

They heard about X-rays and scans and the technology used to make them work and they followed Rainbow bear as he fell down the stairs and had to go to hospital to be checked. He needed a X-ray and we saw the inside of him. He then needed a CT and we saw his heart.

They finished with a quiz to guess some everyday items in X-rays. Some of them looked very funny!

Our latest visit from SC Richards and SC Clark sparked  a huge amount of excitement.

They listened very carefully to find out more about the role of a police officer and asked lots fabulous questions. We also went to see the police car! The children took on the role of a police officer, trying on the uniform and helping the officers put out cones across Mr Bond’s drive entrance. They used the radios to tell each other when the job was done. Finally the officers set the siren on the police car. The children couldn’t believe how loud it was! 

We wanted to thank everyone who has come in and kindly given up their time to make this theme really come to life for us.

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