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Posted: 6th May 2022

We have really been making the most of the outdoors now that spring is here.  There has been sensory play for the babies, whilst the Bluebells and Poppies have been busy planting flowers and vegetables and learning how to care for them properly once they have been planted. 


Babies children have loved copying their grown ups and playing in the role play corner, feeding babies and cooking things for their peers. They have also shown an interest in the different puzzles we have. We have enjoyed lots of garden play in the spring weather and this week the babies have got involved in sensory play trying different textures on their feet such as with frozen peas and cooked noodles. 


This week the Bluebells have enjoyed celebrating St George’s day and made a England flag with collage materials, we have also been talking about spring and looking at real life daffodils and painting them. We have been closely watching and taking care of our vegetables that we are growing in the garden. In the secret  garden we have been practising our physical skills and practising our balancing. 


The children in poppies have been super busy planting vegetables in the paddock, they have planted peas, sunflowers, carrots and a black currant bush, the children enjoyed this and are looking forward to watching them grow over the coming months. We have been talking about our bodies and what we can do to be healthy, one activity was choosing healthy food we enjoy eating and cutting and sticking them on to paper. The children have also been getting creative with shaving foam in the garden. 

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